illy + Mitaca Accessories

illy and Mitaca make it easy to enjoy premium coffee with effortless style.

With stylish cups and dispensers, your coffee looks as impressive as it tastes. Great for reception and lounge areas... or just saving a little time.

Illy takeaway cup 4oz

illy Paper Cups

Unique illy paper cups. Convenient coffee can still be stylish coffee - especially with illy's own brand of sturdy paper cups, created especially to complement its coffee for Mitaca.
Illy clear plexiglas dispenser

Stylish Dispenser

Everything you need for the perfect illy espresso. With our clever Plexiglas dispenser, the advantages are clear. Use each section on its own, or stacked together to save space. Two sections hold the Mitaca capsules of your choice, with a separate tray for cups, sugar and stirrers.

Get illy + Mitaca for Your Business

Compact. Convenient. Beautifully designed. And now, available in the UK.
Find the coffee vending solution your business needs.

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